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Items of vocabulary from Into the Forest by Jean Hegland

Scoff at sb/sth : mock/ se moquer. ~ : bouffer
Nibble : take small bites (~ at the turkey)/ˈnɪb(ə)l/
To pick up the pace :Accélérer la cadence, le rythme.
He tries to deflect (dɪˈflɛkt/) from sth he set his mind on.
I can do things twice as fast as you can.
Existing for a long time : enduring memories
Wick : mèche de bougie. Sputter : crépiter (bougie).
Fretting over, about : se tourmenter, se tracasser
It wouldn’t make a scrap of difference. Cela ne ferait pas la moindre différence.
Flipping through pages
How much is there to say?
Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. »they reminisced about their summers abroad »
Wait out. To wait until something unpleasant has ended:
I’d rather wait out the storm than drive home immediately.
Adjective. Conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being. »the food is plentiful and very wholesome »
/rəʊm/Verb. Move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area. »tigers once roamed over most of Asia »
An aromatic spice made from the peeled, dried, and rolled bark of a SE Asian tree. »a teaspoon of ground cinnamon »
the tree which yields cinnamon.
Noun. Plural noun: chores. A routine task, especially a household one. »more people than ever before have someone to do their household chores for them »
/kəmˈpɛlɪŋ/adjective. Evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way. »his eyes were strangely compelling »

◦ not able to be refuted; inspiring conviction. »there is compelling evidence that the recession is ending »

◦ not able to be resisted; overwhelming. »the temptation to give up was compelling »
    n (for weaving) métier à tisser
    vi.(=appear) [mountain, iceberg]  surgir
→ As you get closer they loom above you like icebergs.
   (=be imminent) [danger, crisis]  menacer [threat]  paraître imminent(e)
→ The threat of renewed civil war looms ahead.
To loom large  (=occupy sb’s thoughts)  être une préoccupation majeure
→ the terrible problem of armed crime now looming large in our society    

Running short of sth or on sth/ running low on sth: not having much of sth left. There is no much of it left. [from Collinsdictionary.com]
verb [ I ] UK /jɜːn/ US /jɝːn/
to wish very strongly, especially for something that you cannot have or something that is very difficult to have:
Despite his great commercial success he still yearns for critical approval.
[ + to infinitive ] Sometimes I just yearn to be alone.

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