S.E.’s true story

Left with sad memories forever.

S.E. was on his way home driving his luxury blue car early in the morning not at all aware of what is happening.
Will they ever get over it? It may take them longer to do so.
It happened when millions of them were about to celebrate. But it was rather a special gathering.
The mother said God decided to take SE. and the father said it was God’s will. There is nothing we can do about it.

A. sent me an unexpected message saying that SE had passed away.

It’s hard to believe.
Family members were mourning the young man who died in an unfortunate and tragic car crash.

I wish I were there.

I would have listened to dazed people trying to understand as if they were trapped in unprecedented darkness. I would have seen women with aching eyes unable to stop from crying.
SE. could not escape death in this third and fatal accident. Who had strongly advised him against an increasingly hazardous lifestyle?
The death broke off their engagement and the young girl may go into mourning. The engagement party only took place thirteen days ago.

The birth of SE. raised much hope. But something went wrong and SE. grew reckless. Now, his parents and sisters and next of kin are overwhelmed with sorrow.

Auteur : Salahdnl

Passionné pour le partage.

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