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I immersed myself not a long ago in The Burning Room 1[See the Cover Page] by Michael Connelly (2014) and I enjoyed very much this detective novel.

Orlando Merced, a Mexican musician, got shot in East L. A. Harry Bosch, a very experienced detective, and Lucia Soto take over the investigation which started ten years ago. They solve the murder holding a thorough long-week investigation. However, the two partners also carry out a second investigation in a matter of arson.

Was it the affluent businessman, but a deceived husband, who had the musician killed by mistake? 

The two detectives demonstrated integrity and efficiency in the management of that intricate case. They looked for clues, examined pieces of evidence, interviewed witnesses and benefited from technology 2[Visit the site to find out more].

However, unlike T. Sharpe in Wilt (a novel I’ve already talked about), Michael Connelly showed little satire of the law enforcement authorities but rightly depicted politicians as untrustworthy people and having converging interests with businessmen. As a reader, I’am sorry to confess that I found it quite difficult to deal with so many characters.  




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