F.D’ story

Born in an African countryside

F.D. was born in an African countryside, he spent his childhood on a farm with his parents in a housing group of between 40 and 50 people. He then went to school, which was about 3 km away and went on foot.

He left school

It should be noted that he left school at an early age. We do not know what extreme necessity it resulted from. F.D. confesses that most of his family members did not like his behavior, but stressed that it is not fair that someone attributed all bad behavior to him.

Decent salary and minimal costs

At the end of the 1990s, he worked for a computer company in one of Africa’s most populous cities but where there are jobs. He was paid a decent monthly salary to compensate for the training expenses he had paid before. He had borne a very small fraction of the cost of living.

The most common beliefs and perceptions

F.D. saved up a proportion of his salary, avoiding waste, but according to the most common perceptions in the family and the street, leaving the arms of the family and the country towards other continents and countries, to ensure a well-off, is inevitable. delegation. Like other young people who leave villages and cities, they have hopes of building a better future for themselves, their parents and their countries.

He followed suit

F.D. did like his generation. He left the once densely populated city to a city on the outskirts of a European capital to live with his brother.

Skills acquisition

Thanks to social interactions and his drive to dialogue and the willingness to express his ideas F.D. acquired many professional and social skills . He held several short-term jobs and received low salaries, but his expenses were less than his income.

Budget deficit and unlucky contractor

F.D. runs an individual business to produce services, but the expenses have exceeded profits and his work and efforts have not been successful because he has not gained extensive experience and sufficient composition in the construction of the contracting.

Over time he became strange

After more than two decades after leaving the populated city and its neighborhoods and cafes abandoned by young people who have not been fortunate, lost his pursuit and got a disturbing sense of alienation from reality and even himself. Members of his family began to complain about his situation and his aspirations and wondered how he is dealing with the feeling of frustration. Their concerns intensified.

The Mirage

So far, F.D. is convinced that he will achieve his ambitions and acquire the money for which he crossed two continents and still does not care the advice of his family and still endure the remoteness of his hometown. His old father, who had been waiting for the son for a long time, died.

F.D. describes himself as a reckless swimmer who is not good at floating but loves the sea and will one day reach the shore of life.

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