An empty plastic water bottle was, not long ago, thrown and landed and it was then clamped in the poor tree. So far, nobody has taken it off of the hurt tree. Should we rely on the wind?On everage, most poeple take better care of their :

  • cars,
  • stomachs,
  • health,
  • appearance,
  • bank accounts,
  • children

But less care of :

    intelectual nourishment

    and not all of the environment which they contaminate all the time.

    they only pretend they are concerned by environment issues.
They demand more green spaces but they don't respect any green area. Likewise, they don't respect:
  • beaches,
  • montains,
  • deserts,
  • forests,
  • streams of water,
  • seas and oceans.
Nature is (was) wonderful but unfortunately human beings never stop degrading it.

What planets will be the next?

With MF’precious collaboration.

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