Préparer deux documents pour l’oral DNL-SES

Document 1

What is the text about ? What information does it provide us with?

What the calculation the High Pay Centre (HPC) shows :

How much did workers and top executives earn on average in the the UK over the course of 2017?

The later earned about 200 more times than the former.

What the new report of the HPC shows : in 2015, the median pay for CEO of the biggest firms is more than 138 times higher than the typical worker’s for an hour.

What a recent research from the Equality Trust shows : the CEO-to-worker ratio is 401:1.

Those statistics show income inequality in the UK and the US. The UK is one European counties where income inequalities are the highest and was one of the reasons why British citizens voted to leave the EU.

How is the growing gap between average workers and top CEOs explained ? People who support, advocate this gap think CEOs deserve higher pay because they are highly performance. However, there is a weak correlation between pay and performance according to a recent study which shows other interesting results.

The author doesn’t seem to think government regulation will bring out real change in British income distribution.

Document 2

What is the bar chart about?

What does it show?

The ratio … varie between a maximum of 354 in the US and a minimum of 28 in Poland.

In the US, a CEO pay was 354 times the average worker pay.

It is in the US where income inequality is the highest.

The bar graph goes in the same direction with the text.

Income inequalities are everywhere but they vary based on countries.


In other words, how much bigger the income of a company’s top executives are than those its workers. If a CEO earns $10 million per year and the average worker earns $50,000, what is the wage ratio? It is 200:1 ($10,000,000 ÷ $50,000 = 200).The term may also refer to a city, country, or whole region.

According to, a job search website, the CEO-to-worker wage ratio in the USA in 2015 was 204:1. In other words, the average CEO pay was 204 times the average worker pay. CEO pay averaged $13.8 million per year, while that of workers was $77,800.

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