In this article we loook at the impact of English in developing countries, the number of people speaking English, the task of describing documents and English accents.

Task : describing documents

1. What should be included in your introductory sentence:

Type of document
Verbs to use
The topic (whatever it is)
The period

2. Describing the movements and trends in charts

Use formal verbs in the simple past. For instance, the cash flow went up over a period from 2016 to 2018. Or there was an increase in the cash flow between 2016 and 2018. Use adverbs and adjectives when describing movements in a bar chart or line graph : dramatically, greatly, dramatic, great. I’ve provided usful links to videos.

About accents
You may think that your accent speaks of you. Actually it doesn’t matter.

(…) However, an accent is not necessarily a problem. You can keep your accent and still be understood.
(…) Conversely, the same sequence of letters may be pronounced differently, resulting in homographs like row (line, /rəʊ/) and row (argument, /raʊ/).

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    5. About accents

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