An empty plastic water bottle was, not long ago, thrown and landed and it was then clamped in the poor tree. So far, nobody has taken it off of the hurt tree. Should we rely on the wind?

On everage, most poeple take better care of their :





bank accounts,


But less care of :

intelectual nourishment

and not all of the environment which they contaminate all the time.

they only pretend they are concerned by environment issues.

They demand more green spaces but they don’t respect any green area.

Likewise, they don’t respect:





streams of water,

seas and oceans.

Nature is (was) wonderful but unfortunately human beings never stop degrading it.

What planets will be the next?

With MF’precious collaboration.

Pie in the sky

« I think you’ve been trapped and consequently you can no longer say no to that man you had idealized. I’am shocked to come to the conclusion that you’re not only addict to the social media but you wrongly think it’s the unique means of a social communication. So, as I told before you’re missing opportunities in real life to socialize in the best way.

Your plan has brought about too much new worries to your father and will still bring about other problems and very complicated issues.

You think a would be husband will take care of you and help you achieve your goals just because he’s of foreign origin and he’s not harmful either.

We’re just warning you.

You feel confident in the internet methods and that had led you to think you had found the soulmate, the best match. You’re weakening your future chances of a better life and increasing the possibilities of losing control over your life.

I thought it was just a fantasy, a game but I realized you hold on to it like a castaway holds on to a lifeline. it’s really shocking.

You thought about your marriage plan with a stranger and you hid it from your father. It’s too much. Have you forgotten what he did for you? Do you call it a project? How sad that a young girl thinks that a man is going to make her happy because he is of foreign origin. Think about the fact that males are among the worst machos in the world.

Just consider for a while that he might not be the one you want him to be. You’re daydreaming and you’ll highly likely be disillusioned.

You waited until the last moment to announce your decision to imply that you will not back down. In other words, you want to discuss, but your decision is irrevocable. It’s unnecessary. We are warning you. After, it will be too late. So please forget about those dreams that will leave you vulnerable to danger and failure.

And how will you go off the hook?

You think wrongly that a man will afford you the life you dream of just because he’s from Europe. This is the greatest mistake ever. Why has a young person like you made the decision to share her life with someone who pretends to dangle a better future for you, far away from one’s parents and family ? As far as I am concerned, I disagree with you. Where had your pride gone?

Do you think you’ll be able to cope with the problems and disillusion if your dream (actually a nightmare for your father) doesn’t come true?

Predators are everywhere on social media and I’m afraid you’ve fallen into the clutches of one of them, the one who promised you wonders.

I am not prejudiced against your acquaitance.

A very common opinion in our society, especially among women, is to say that the husband should be made to spend so much that he does not think of remarrying. How heartbreaking and sad that is! Yet there are women who do not have such a mentality and who are free and not financially dependent on men. These are the kind of women I respect. Mothers transmit tricks to their daughters, to future wives, and eventually convince them that all men are bad and that is why they have to be subdued in one way or another. Am I wrong in saying so? »

Romans américains. John Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men (2/2)/ عربي//English

American Novel 2/2 روياية أمريكية

قلق دجورج

وألح دجورج (George) على ان يتذكر ليني المكان الذي يجب أن يختبئ فيه إذا ساءت الأمور. رأى ليني زوجة كيرلي للمرة الأولى و «تحركت عينا ليني من أعلى الى أسفل على جسدها، وعلى الرغم من أنها لا تبدو وكأنها تنظر إلى ليني، إلا أنها شعرت باللامبالاة قليلا.»الصفحة 32. ليني يعتقد أن زوجة كيرلي جميلة. هذا يدل على ان ليني لا يهتم فقط بالفئران والأرانب. لكن جورج غاضب منه وشدد على عدم الاهتمام بها ونصحه بالابتعاد عنها. وأكد ليني بصوت خائف انه لم يقصد أبدا أي ضرر.
التقى جورج ورفيقه ليني بثلاثة رجال عادوا من حقول المزرعة: سليم وكارلسون وويت.
سليم رجل طويل القامة. إنه قائد فريق من البغال . ويصفه الكاتب قائلا:«كانت هناك جاذبية في أخلاقه. كان له نفوذ عظيم لدرجة أن كلمته أخذت في محل الجد في أي موضوع ، سواء كان ذلك في السياسة أو الحب. »الصفحة 35. إنه شخص لطيف ويعتقد أن ليني ليس لئيما.

مصير كلب كاندي

كلب كاندي (Candy) مسن ويعاني من الروماتيزم وبصره ضعيف جدا وبالكاد يرى بعين واحدة وتنبعث منه رائحة كريهة وهذا يزعج العمال وخاصة أحدهم وهو كارلسون (Carlson).
اقترح كارلسون على كاندي إنهاء معاناة الكلب العجوز وعرض عليه أن يفعل ذلك بنفسه مستعملا مسدسه. بعد تردد، قبل كاندي المغتم هذا المصير لكلبه الراعي الذي عرفه منذ أن كان جروا.
أضفى إطلاق النار على كلب كاندي المسن حزنا على المكان وكذلك صمتا عميقا وليس من الصعب ان نتخيل شعور كاندي بالوحدة والاحباط رغم سكوته. واكتفى كاندي بالتحديق في السقف. وحاول دجورج والعمال الاخرون ان يتصرفوا كما ان لم يحدث اي شيئ.

مزرعة خيالية

لا يزال ليني يحلم برعاية الأرانب ويطلب من رفيقه في السفر دجورج أن يصف المكان الذي يتطلعان إلى شرائه بعد اقتناء المال. يود أن يسمع طوال الوقت عن هذا المكان. كلما وصف جورج المزرعة المستقبلية، طلب ليني المزيد ويتخيل كيف سيقوم برعاية الأرانب. يشارك كاندي في الحوار بين ليني ودجورج ويقترح المشاركة من خلال إتاحة المال الذي وفره لهما. لقد تعلق بهذا المشروع لأنه سيغير حياته.

كيرلي في ذهول

مرة أخرى ، كان الشاب كيرلي يبحث عن زوجته و
انتابه شك في شيء ما. يعتقد خطأ أن زوجته مع سليم. العمال يسخرون منه. كان ليني يبتسم متذكرا المزرعة التي يحلم بها لكن كيرلي ظن ان ليني يسخر منه فتوجه اليه وانهال عليه بالضرب بشدة وحطم أنفه وأطلق ليني صرخة رعب والدم يسيل من أنفه. ليني لا يتفادى اللكمات العنيفة ، إنه مرعوب وينظر بيأس إلى رفيقه دجورج الذي ينتهي به الأمر بتشجيعه على الرد. يمسك ليني بقبضة كيرلي ، يضغط بقوة ويكسرها. كيرلي في حالة ذهول ويتألم.
يذكر دجورج بأن ليني ليس رجلا سيئا ولكن يمكن أن يكون خطيرا ولا ينوي إيذاء الحيوانات أو البشر. لهذا السبب يجب تجنبه. لا يستطيع مقاومة الرغبة في اللعب مع الحيوانات أو لمس الأشياء الجميلة. لكن نهاية هذه اللعبة غالبا ما تكون مأساوية ما لم يتدخل جورج في الوقت المناسب اذا تمكن من ذلك وبطريقة فعالة. لاحظ أن ليني يطيع أوامر جورج فقط.


وجد ليني نفسه وحيدا بعدما ذهب دجورج وبعض زملائه إلى مكان ترفيهي ثم اتجه الى الحظيرة حيث توجد غرفة كروك الذي استغرب ولم يسره حضور ليني. وبكل سذاجة وحماس بدأ ليني يتكلم عن الأرانب والمزرعة.
يحاول عمال الأراضي تحسين ظروفهم المعيشية بعد أن يصبحوا أصحاب مزارع ولو صغيرة. لقد كان لديهم ما يكفي من وضع الموظفين. ولكن كم عدد الذين سيحققون هذا الحلم ؟ يعتقد كروكس ، الذي يذكر انه وُلِد في كالفورنيا، أنه من غير المرجح أن يحقق ليني و دجورج أحلامهما في الحصول على الأرض مثل العديد من العمال من قبلهم. ويقول بشأن ذلك : «رأيت حشودا من الرجال تأتي على الطريق والمزارع (…) قرأت الكثير من الكتب هنا. لا أحد (…) لا يحصل على أرض. إنه ذلك فقط في رؤوسهم.». الصفحة 73

الشعور بالوحدة

ها هي تأتي مرة أخرى وتسأل: «هل رأيتم أيها الأولاد كيرلي؟ »، الصفحة 76. أبلغ كروكس وكاندي زوجة كيرلي بأنها غير مرحب بها ولا يتعين عليها العبث معهم وخاصة مع ليني الذي، على عكس الآخرين ، كان سعيدا وتحدث مرة أخرى عن رعاية الأرانب.
يخشى العمال أن يقوم كيرلي بطردهم لو رآهم يتحدثون إلى زوجته. ومع ذلك ، تشعر زوجته بالوحدة والرغبة في وجود شخص ما للتحدث معه فقط. يمكن للقارئ أن يرى بسهولة أن هناك سوء تفاهم من جهة وخوف من جهة أخرى وهذا يخلق توترا بين الشخصيات.

الموت المروع

وجدت زوجة كيرلي ليني في الحظيرة وهو يلوم نفسه لقتل جرو عن غير قصد أثناء اللعب به. تحاول مواساته وتروي له قصتها. كان من الممكن أن تصبح راقصة أو ممثلة. تقترح على ليني مداعبة شعرها و يقبل بفرح واضح. لكنه يضغط بشدة وبدأت الزوجة تصرخ وأثار صراخها ذهعر ليني وحاول إسكاتها فكسر رقبتها وسبب ذلك موت زوجة كيرلي المروع. إنه حاميه دجورج الذي سيقتله برصاصة في مؤخرة رقبته في نفس المكان الذي وصلا اليه لأول مرة قبل الذهاب إلى المزرعة.

George’s concern
George had Lennie remind him of the place where he should go to hide if something went wrong. Lennie saw Curley’s wife for the first time and «Lennie’s eyes moved down over her body , and though she did not seem to be looking at Lennie she bridled a little. » Page 32. Lennie thinks Curley’s wife is pretty. But George is angry at him and talked him out of having any interest in her and advised him to keep away of her.
George and his companion Lennie meet three men who had just returned from the fields of the ranch: Slim ،Carlson and Whit.The fate of Candy’s old dogCandy’s dog is too old, it suffers from rheumatism and can barely see with one eye. It gives off a bad smell and this bothers the workers and especially one of them, namely Carlson.
Carlson proposed to Candy to end the suffering of the old dog and offered to do it himself with his gun. After hesitation, Candy accepted this sad fate for the shepherd dog he has known since it was a puppy.
The shooting of Candy’s old dog brought grief to the place as well as a deep silence, and it’s not hard to imagine Candy feeling lonely and frustrated despite his silence. He was just staring at the ceiling. George and the other workers tried to act as if nothing had happened.An imaginary farmLennie keeps dreaming of tending rabbits and asks his travel companion to tell him about the place they dream of buying. He would like to hear all the time about that place.
Candy takes part in the dialogue between Lennie and George and offers to participate by making available to them the money he had saved up. This project matters a lot to him because it will change his life.Curley is distraughtOnce again, young Curley was looking for his wife. He doubts something. He mistakenly thinks his wife is with Slim. The workers were laughing at him. Lenny was smiling at his the farm of his dream, but Curley thought he was making fun of him. So, he walked towards him and starts hitting him hard. Lenny does not dodge the violent punches, he is appalled and looks desperately at his companion George who ends up encouraging him to react. So Lennie grabs Curley’s fist, squeezes hard and breaks it. Curley is distraught and in pain.George keeps saying that Lennie is not a bad guy but can be dangerous without having any intention of harming animals or people. This is why he should be avoided. He can’t resist the urge to play with animals or touch beautiful objects. But the end of this game is often tragic unless George intervenes in time, which is far from always neither possible nor effective. Note that Lennie only obeys George’s orders.


Lennie found himself alone after George and some of his colleagues, except Candy, went to a place of entertainment in the town. He then headed to the barn where Crooks’s room is located. The latter was surprised and not pleased with Lennie’s presence. Naively, and with enthusiasm, Lennie started talking about rabbits and the farm.
Land workers try to improve their living conditions and become ranchers. They have had enough of the status of employees. But how many will do it? Crooks thinks Lennie and George are unlikely to make their dreams about getting land true like so many workers before them. He puts it in his way: « I seen hunderds of men come by on the road and ranches (…) I read plenty of books out here. Nobody (…) gets no land. It’s just in their head. ». Page 73.


Here she comes once again and asks : « Any you boys seen Curley? », page 76. Candy and Crook let Curley’s wife know she’s not welcome and she dosen’t have to mess around with them and especially with Lennie who, unlike the others, was delighted and talked once again about tending the rabbits.

The workers are afraid Curley would fire them had he seen them talking to his wife. However, the latter felt lonely and craved having someone to just talk to. The reader can easily see that there are misunderstandings on the one hand and fear on the other and this creates tension between the characters.

The horrific death

Curley’s wife found Lennie in the barn blaming himself for unintentionally killing a puppy while playing with it. She tried to console him and told him her story. She could have become a dancer or an actress. She offered Lennie to stroke her hair. He accepted with obvious joy. But he pressed too hard and the wife started screaming and her screams panicked Lennie who tried to silence her, breaking her neck and causing the horrific death of Curley’s wife. It is his protector, George, who shot him in the back of the neck in the same place they first arrived at before going to the farm.

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