Pie in the sky

« I think you’ve been trapped and consequently you can no longer say no to that man you had idealized. I’am shocked to come to the conclusion that you’re not only addict to the social media but you wrongly think it’s the unique means of a social communication. So, as I told before you’re missing opportunities in real life to socialize in the best way.

Your plan has brought about too much new worries to your father and will still bring about other problems and very complicated issues.

You think a would be husband will take care of you and help you achieve your goals just because he’s of foreign origin and he’s not harmful either.

We’re just warning you.

You feel confident in the internet methods and that had led you to think you had found the soulmate, the best match. You’re weakening your future chances of a better life and increasing the possibilities of losing control over your life.

I thought it was just a fantasy, a game but I realized you hold on to it like a castaway holds on to a lifeline. it’s really shocking.

You thought about your marriage plan with a stranger and you hid it from your father. It’s too much. Have you forgotten what he did for you? Do you call it a project? How sad that a young girl thinks that a man is going to make her happy because he is of foreign origin. Think about the fact that males are among the worst machos in the world.

Just consider for a while that he might not be the one you want him to be. You’re daydreaming and you’ll highly likely be disillusioned.

You waited until the last moment to announce your decision to imply that you will not back down. In other words, you want to discuss, but your decision is irrevocable. It’s unnecessary. We are warning you. After, it will be too late. So please forget about those dreams that will leave you vulnerable to danger and failure.

And how will you go off the hook?

You think wrongly that a man will afford you the life you dream of just because he’s from Europe. This is the greatest mistake ever. Why has a young person like you made the decision to share her life with someone who pretends to dangle a better future for you, far away from one’s parents and family ? As far as I am concerned, I disagree with you. Where had your pride gone?

Do you think you’ll be able to cope with the problems and disillusion if your dream (actually a nightmare for your father) doesn’t come true?

Predators are everywhere on social media and I’m afraid you’ve fallen into the clutches of one of them, the one who promised you wonders.

I am not prejudiced against your acquaitance.

A very common opinion in our society, especially among women, is to say that the husband should be made to spend so much that he does not think of remarrying. How heartbreaking and sad that is! Yet there are women who do not have such a mentality and who are free and not financially dependent on men. These are the kind of women I respect. Mothers transmit tricks to their daughters, to future wives, and eventually convince them that all men are bad and that is why they have to be subdued in one way or another. Am I wrong in saying so? »

Auteur : Salahdnl

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