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تدور أحداث الرواية في كورنوال ولندن ، في الغالب، في الثلث الأول من القرن التاسع عشر، وكما يعلم القارئ ، فقد زار الروائي تلك الأماكن في حياته ومكنه ذلك من تعزيز واقعية الرواية. كورنوال بمصائد الأسماك ومناجمها ومناظرها الطبيعية الرائعة ولكن أيضا بقواعدها وطبقاتها الاجتماعية في العصر الفيكتوري.

P. 131. Departure of Mlle Jazeph.

Mrs Jazeph has come back to her mistress (Mrs Norbury) then left and nobody knew where. Doctor Orridge managed to learn where Mrs Jazeph has gone (to Exeter, a city in Devon, South West England). She intends to go to Cornwall and told her uncle Joseph Buschmann (a shop owner) about the letter hidden in the Myrtle Room and wanted him to help her to take it back before Rosamond gets to Porthgenna. Why? This is because finding out the letter will do much harm. She’s crying.

Sarah and her uncle are on their way to Porthgenna Tower. It’s been 16 years since she made her escape from that house.

See page 168 reflexions.

Page 173. The housekeeper, in Porthgenna Tower, is puzzled by the letter she received from Mrs Frankland (Rosamond) while Sarah and Joseph are about to ring the bell. The letter pointed out to a possible visit by a woman to the house and asked for checking her movement and watching her.

Sarah and her uncle failed to get back the letter. They went back to her uncle’s but she left him with tears in her eyes. She’ll go to a safe place. The novelist describes the sorrow of parting, page 244.

The inquiries at Porthgenna ordred by the husband Leonard Frankland and made by his servant have been unsuccessful. No progress, no new idea. What’s more, no one knows where Sarah and her uncle have gone. Rosamond decided to take advice from their oldest friend the Vicar of Long Beckley, Doctor Chennery. He has advised them to give up looking for Sarah (waste of time) and has told them that only Andrew Treverton (who lives with his servant Shrowl in a cottage) could afford them the information they badly need about the mystery of Myrtle Room.

Rosamond’s uncle contemptuously rejected the Vicar’s demand (a plan of the north side of Porthgenna Tower). The servant, unlike his master, showed interest in the matter and found out in the lumber-rooms where there were a lot of books what he was looking for. Shrowl made a copy of the plan was ready to trade it for money. Page 240 and following.

The weather was awful and they heard bad news about fishermen (wreck of the fishing boat because of the storm). Rosamond has been returning home since she left this house when she was five years old and since her mother’s death.

Rosamond takes care of her blind husband and together they managed to find the secret letter which had been hidden by Sarah. She read the letter to her husband. She felt dismayed and deeply miserable.

What has she learned from the letter?

Rosamond reads the letter and learns that she is not the Trevertons’ daughter and that her mother is Sarah Leeson with whom she ends up meeting again. The meeting was overwhelming between mother and daughter, evidence of maternal and filial love was exchanged. Rosamond learns how Mrs. Treverton organized everything and snatched the child (Rosamond) from his real mother.

She did so out of love for her husband it seems. She couldn’t have children so she took the child from her maid. Sarah told Rosamond how she married a young miner who died in the mine. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another’s poison.

As a result, Rosamond and her husband decided to forgo the four thousand pounds, which legally went to Andrew Frankland, the brother of the late Treverton.

While Rosamond and her husband were at the hotel Andrew Treverton has come and forced his presence on Rosamond and her husband in their hotel after her mother’s death and said :

However, Andrew Frankland is not a greedy person. He has given back to Rosamond.

‘ I have never had one kind feeling in my heart since I was born. That was my brother’s character of me… ‘, page 356.

He gave Rosamond a cheque for forty thousand pounds and left the hotel.

The story ends with the return of Joseph, Rosamond, the husband and their baby to Porthgenna Tower. Sarah was buried and her uncle Joseph attended the funeral.

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