Samil’ s story (10/10)

Samil’s story
Samil remembring his mood and its shifts and what makes him upset and it seems like nothing would ease his suffrings. The world is in a mess and it hurts Samil and he feels bad because of his helpnessness.

Childhood house

« And I lost the sight of the childhood house and it vanished like a dream. I am craving for my childhood, I want (to have) it back. I can’t bring myself to imagine my future without it.
How to deal with these days and nights that are drawing out? Don’t you feel something when the house you was born in drew nearer?
Why did I get on that train that morning? But it was bound to happen and the train pulled out of the station.
Dreams for the best times ever? »

About remembering

« Remembering may aim to see what our past life was like and not necessarily to show nostalgia. It may be to try to understand the succession of events even if it is quite futile to want and pretend to unravel certain mysteries. »

Regrets do not leave him

« You didn’t even care for the sarrow and suffring you had inflicted on her out of your cruel selfishness. »

A long day ahead of Samil

« The characteristic heat of the south gave way more and more to the cold of the north. When the train stopped, I felt like we had reached a land where only a handful of abandoned people resided. The train started to move after the whistle blast from the agent, who paced the station platform indifferent to anything but the duty of punctuality. »

Hateful ideology

« The weird people’s hateful idelogy depressed me and darkned the sky so much I long for that blue sky and rain and my parents’ smile . It still shocking millions and millions like me. »

Dream’s end

« Here there are no roosters crowing tirelessly, no barking dogs in the nights, no Cross and Caty. It’s not much of a life. I dreamt of the place I still cherish the most. I’ve come back home. I was walking homeward. The sky was blue and I saw the minaret. Moments later, led by nostalgia, I was running as fast as I could all the way home. It was amazing to see the tree-lined road, the very road I used to walk on to school. When the dream was over, I lapsed into despair. »

Thunderstorm and the river

« It was winter time and the river overflowed its banks because of the thunderstorm and the heavy rain during the night. And to think that we used to swimming in this very river during the spring season my nephew and I. it felt good back then. »

Strong bonds

« The winding road. The sun had just set. Two too close relatives got into an argument and it seemed difficult, as it always is in these situations, to stop them in their tracks and calm them down if not reconcile them on the spot. I still can’t forget the unbearable quarrel even if it posed no risk of the family unit being called into question and, worse, compromised. Strong bonds have united and still unite the members of this family. »

Start of an adventure

« I was young, I had just graduated from elementary school. There was no secondary school yet in this village about four kilometers from our house in the countryside. It was my first time going to high school in a city forty kilometers away from here. It was the start of an adventure, the first experience of estrangement. »

Heartless people

« They are always up to something malign and that’s why we take a deep dislike to them except those few human rights activists.
I am growing despondent watching these heartless people relentlessly make the world believe their fanciful stories. And when they fail, they start killing. Do you call them human beings? »

Samil has got to snap out of it and pull himself together. But I think it’s still a long shot.

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