A step further

Thoughts and actions shaped

“Everything indicated that they were celebrating a wedding between young people who did not know each other. National and local social norms of course would not condone and even prohibit premarital relationships.
About a kilometer away, the sounds of violins and the voices of singers reached where we were sitting listening to a football match on the radio between a national team and a foreign one. But it never rains it pours because not only the young woman, whom I loved passionately, probably married against her will or in any case it was not a marriage of love but also our favorite team was beaten .
However, let’s try to go back a bit in time. Spring was here in all its splendor and a band of family members, all in the joy of celebrating spring, were looking for an edible plant in the wheat field, which rippled with the cool wind. We let the others drift away a bit and that’s when I kissed the unforgettable B. for a flash with her consent. She was a little afraid that the other children had noticed our first exchange.»

S. has written a letter to express his fillings. He was optimistic about the answer.

A step further
« It was like carefully descending a slope to reach a promising and enchanting land after too long a wait and haunting dreams, the character could then climb the mountain and reach the shore. He only had to lean over.

« I couldn’t help but keep the intoxicating smell of the wet flower lingering.
A pathetic man put an end to this adventure at midnight because he could no longer put up with it. »

When people become aware, not without difficulty or perplexity, of the passage of time, they take advantage, when possible, of many occasions to enjoy themselves in accordance with the demands of their ego. An obviously ridiculous form of compensation.

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