Self-interest seeking/ DNL Anglais

Is such behaviour appropriate?

Take advantage from

1. ‘What are you grinning about?’

2. ‘I plan on reselling this stuff next week.’


1/ The cartoon was published on the internet by The Week website. The scene is taking place in a gas station. It shows two men. One of them, on the left, is filling up his car with gas. He wants to know why, the other man who is filling jerrycans with gas, is grinning. On the right, the speech bubble gives an information about the man’s intention. A line chart pasted on the pump shows rising gas prices.

2/ The purpose of the man on right is to take advantage of gas prices increase by reselling the contents of the jerrycans.

3/ I disapprove of the man’s opportunistic behaviour. It doesn’t benefit society and is likely to cause prices to go up. What’s more, it would bring about scarcity and some people might be hurt and worse off. As long as the individuals who behave this way think they can get away with it, they will be willing to do it again if such opportunities arise.
To conclude, self-interest seeking should be avoided for the sake of the whole society and general interest.

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