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  • Calamlike eye
    This pedestrian crossing sign is almost covered by ouutgrown plants. Nature takes back its rights.
  • Test your English
    How good are you at English? Click to take the test
  • What was new 210123
  • Pigeons show
  • What do words say?
    Impart : نقل المعرفة على سبيل المثال The good teacher does more than just impart knowledge to his students. Tireless : دؤوب/ بدون كلل Inkling of something : لمحة Plight : محنة /نكبة / مأزق ‎. Strive : سعى Long for : طاق إلى Wistful : حزين Murky : مظلم- قاتم (As of an ocean) … Continuer à lire … « What do words say? »
Cold weather

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