In North Africa

My village is becoming a good place to live in
Location and population
My village is located in North Africa.
There are about 10,000 people living there and it’s surrounded by a lovely countryside.
Growth and development (more and more conveniencies).
Population has grown at a steady rate. There were only one school, a police station, a market place, a taxi rank, some cafés and a post office and a hospital. As the local population grew, more and more services were needed. And now we’ve got every thing we need in everyday life. Our village had no bank branches previously. Now it’s been provided with three branches with ATMs. There is also secondary schools (high schools) and more than four drugstores and doctors.
Morever, there are internet cafés and cafés that offer the same services and shops which sell mobile phones, connected services and repair shops.
Small private businesses are flourishing.

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