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Answer to question A
look at White-color crimes: definition, examples and vocabulary from the video

Rules-Acting deviantly-Following or Violating the rules-Norms-Looking at-Deviance-Crime-Criminal Justice System-Deviant behaviour (In British English) or Behavior (In American English)-Formal and Informal deviance-Culture-Sanctioning-Social control


Question B
1. The author refers to the American view of tattooing to illustrate how deviance and culture change over time. Actually, tattoo was seen as a deviant act in the 1950s and the sixthies in some American states. And nowdays it has become commonplace and is no more viewed as a deviance. So, culture and the norms that it encompasses,change over time.
2. It’s about tattooing.
3. Informal deviance is about violations of informal social norms, which are norms that have not been codified into law. People who defy social norms are regarded with desapproval. There is no punishment.
Unlike informal deviance, formal deviance includes criminal violation of « formally- enacted laws », legal rules. Examples of formal deviance include robbery, theft, rape, murder, and assault.
Social control is aimed at making people abide by social and legal rules and preventing deviant behaviour and crimes.
When individuals or social groups don’t conform to social expectations, they face correction in some ways. This correction can take many forms, including confused and disapproving looks or difficult conversations with family, peers, and authority figures. Refusal to meet social expectations may also result in severe outcomes such as social reject and exclusion.
Formal social control is carried out by as many agents as police officers and generally by the criminal justice system.


Question C
There are a grown man sitting in an armchair and a boy standing by the TV set in the foreground. The little boy is asking his father, or maybe his grandfather to explain to him what white collar crime is about. The answer of the grown person is rather funny.


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