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CLICK to read the article in Mexican online newspaper in English ➡️ Mexican Peso (MXN) against the USD ⬅️

The Mexican Peso (MXN) is the official currency of Mexico and it is made up of 100 centavos. It is listed as the 15th most traded currency in the world.

Mexican newspaper website
Online newspapers

A Mexican online newspaper about the appreciation of the Mexican peso (MXN) against the USD and reasons for the appreciation.

It is thaught that one reason why the Mexican peso appreciates against the $US is because incoming investment flow had increased. The article is worth reading in so far it provides with other interesting details.


Nearshoring, unlike offshoring, is the fact of relocating an economic activity, but in another region of the same country or in a nearby country.

It’s the fact of basing a business or part of a business in a different country, usually because this involves paying less tax or other costs:

مواقع عربية

أربعة مراجع لمقالات باللغة العربية منشورة في مواقع الصحف على الإنترنت.

Behaviours in English for DNL

Is such behaviour appropriate?

Take advantage from

1. ‘What are you grinning about?’

2. ‘I plan on reselling this stuff next week.’

An article will be devoted to the answers to the 3 questions on the caricature.

Excerpts اقتباسات

مخططات Plans
سجون الاحتلال Occupation prisons
اقتحامات المستوطنين Settlers incursions
نازحون سوريون ولاجئون عراقيون Displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees
تبعات التغيرات المناخية The consequences of climate change
المماطلة والتسويف Procrastination
مستجدات المنطقة Recent developments in the region

Jabalia is one of eight refugee camps in Gaza, home to 2.3 million people and one of the world’s most densely populated areas.
From The Guardian

يطالب أبناء المهاجرين الذين قدموا للعمل في سويسرا على مدى عقود باعتذار عن سياسة يقولون إنها دمرت العائلات، وتركت الكثيرين في حالة صدمة.

From BBC Arabic

“What if we stopped pretending?” Ever since Jonathan Franzen wrote those words about climate change in a 2019 New Yorker article, he has often repeated the belief that we can’t prevent an eventual climate collapse.

From El País English

At least 7.8 million people are going hungry – millions in a “crisis” category in which the frailest die. Without a rapid expansion of aid deliveries, famine is predicted in the more inaccessible areas of the south-central region, and far more deaths.

Hunger and Hardship in Somalia

A character in a novel thinks
That’s what we fought Hitler for, after all. If Hitler had had things his way, we’d just be slaves now. The whole world would be a few masters and millions upon millions of slaves. And I don’t need to remind anyone here, there’s no dignity to be had in being a slave. Page 186, The remains of the Day by Nobel prize Kazuo Ishiguro. Edition VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL, 1993.

تعتقد شخصية في الرواية بأن

هذا هو السبب في أننا قاتلنا هتلر ، بعد كل شيء. إذا كان هتلر قد فعل الأشياء على طريقته ، فسنكون ببساطة عبيدًا الآن. سيتكون العالم كله من بضعة أسياد وملايين وملايين من العبيد. ولست بحاجة لتذكير أي شخص هنا ، لا كرامة في أن أكون عبدًا. صفحة 186 ، بقايا اليوم لكازو إيشيغورو الحائز

على جائزة نوبل. الطبعة الدولية VINTAGE ، 1993.

Human rights abuse بالعربي

يهيمن أرباب العمل ووكالات التوظيف على العمالة الوافدة الذين يُساء معاملتهم ويتقاضون رواتب منخفضة وهم تحت سيطرة تامة. اكتشف مكان تلك الممارسات .
من يستطيع إنقاذ هؤلاء الضحايا من براثن أرباب العمل؟ هل هذا هو نظام الليبرالية والرأسمالية؟

The abused and underpaid migrant workers are dominated and ruled by employers and recruitment agencies. Find out where those practices are.
Who can save these victims from the clutches of employers? Is this the liberalism and capitalism system?

Les travailleurs migrants, maltraités et sous-payés, sont dominés par les employeurs et les agences de recrutement et soumis à leur tyrannie. Découvrez où sont ces pratiques.
Qui peut sauver ces victimes des griffes des employeurs ? Est-ce le système du libéralisme et du capitalisme ?


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