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J’s story



He now works full time for a council housing company. He didn’t get on well with his family. Before, he had worked hard a part time and managed to save up more than 15,000 euros. His sister, who owned a real estate agency, advised him to buy and run a hotel. Unfortunately, something went wrong and he failed. He then sold off his business at a loss and started looking for a job.
He has a sens of humor and he makes me laugh a great deal. He hates violence and sometimes tells me there are some residents bullies who abuse him. However, he never let himself be pushed around.JHONESTjpg 2 ⤵️1
When his little blue eyes start shining, I know he’s about to make a joke.
He’s a good-looking blond-haired man and he’s a bit stocky. He has a lot of strength which he needs to do the daily housework. Cleaning with a hose pipe, vacuuming, taking out garbage. Sometimes, some old ladies and handicapped persons ask J. to do the shopping as well as other chores for them. JHONESTjpg 2
J. is an easygoing guy, very helpful and fully aware of what’s going wrong in the world. ´There’s always something to worry about.´ However, he told me, there is still much hope for changes if people focus on solidarity.
J. is seldom wrong when it comes to finding remedies. ´Selfishness may bring about social unrest and cause society to collapse’ J. declared.


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Des bonnes raisons


Le graphique représente l’évolution de la population d’un camp de réfugiés situé dans la bande de Gaza. Le camp survit en dépit d’un blocus qui dure depuis maintenant onze ans. Il vaut mieux être sourd que d’entendre parler des raisons qui ont justifié la mise en place de ce blocus. Y vivent des milliers d’enfants, de jeunes, d’hommes, de femmes et de personnes âgées souffrant de déracinement et de traumatismes. Est-ce la peur du nombre qui a motivé les décisions de leurs persécuteurs?Le démographe français Hervé Le Bras a son mot à dire sur la peur du nombre.

Something we’re growing used to

الجالية الهندية في امريكا عبر الرواية

سرد حدث اعتداء عنصري مُقزز
وذلك عبر الصفحة ١٩١ الى الصفحة ١٩٥ للروائية الهندية شيلبي سمية كوْدا (Shilpi Somaya Gowda). الرواية باللغة الانجليزية نُشرت سنة 2016، بعنوان « الابن الذهبي » او The Golden Son
تعرض بالديف(Baldev) أحد أصدقاء وابن بلد باتيل أنيل (Patel Anil) لضرب مبرح من طرف شرير منحرف، امريكي ابيض، كاد ان يؤدي الى موته قبل ان يُنقل الى المستشفى القريب من المكان الذي دار فيه المشهد أي قرب موقف السيارات في دالاس في تكساس.

أمريكي فظ وسريع الغضب
تصف الكاتبة الهندية كيف توالت الضربات بطريقة وحشية من طرف الامريكي المخمور حتى سقطت الضحية على الارض فاقدة وعيها. وتبدو للقارئ شدة الضغينة والكراهية العنصرية التي يكنها الامريكي الأ بيض الشاب للأجانب ذوي البشرة السوداء.
لا حيلة لهما
ولم يستطع باتيل أنيل وصديقه إنقاذ بالديف من يدي المخبول من جراء الصدمة والشعور بالخدر.
وصف للمعتدي
ويمكن للقارئ ان يتصور ويصف بدون صعوبة الشخصية البشعة التي قامت بالاعتداء على بالديف. انه عريض المنكبين ولديه وشم رجل من الخاسرين البؤساء عل ساعده الأ يمن.
ولكن الكاتبة لا تُنسب العنف والوحشية الى احد الاشخاص الامريكيين البيض فقط. وماذا عن الزوج الهندي الذي اضرم النار في زوجته فقط لانها تمنت ان تزور والديها واقترحت عليه حلا لذلك؟

Irascible violent native-born American

Indian Community in America in Fiction

A narration of a horrendous racist attack.
Poor Baldev

Baldev, an Indian-born worker living in Dalas, Texas, got aggressed and beaten. The author describes how the attacker punched Baldev until he fell on the ground.
I was struck by the description of the scene through page191 to page 195. It is in the novel « The golden Son ” by the Indian-born novelist Shilpi Somaya Gowda. It’s written in English and was released in 2016.

So numb to move

The victim’s friends, who are his fellow citizens, were so numb with fear and shock that they couldn’t do anything about it and pull him out of the absolute lunatic’s grip.


It’s not so hard to get a better picture of what the attacker looks like. He’s broad-shouldered, has a tick neck. He got a pitiful loser tatooed on his right arm. He wears toe pointed boots.

The attackers got away with it

The event filled Baldev’s fellow citizens with deep gloom. However, Baldev was rushed to hospital where Patel, the physician, works. The mugger and his friend got away.

A mad husband

But the novelist doesn’t need to attribute cruelty and madness only to the American-born character. What about the Indian who set fire to his wife because she just wanted to visit her parents and dared make a suggestion about it? That character was a killer but fortunately got what he deserved.

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