Headed in the right direction?

Are you sure you headed in the right direction? I was completely convinced that I made the right decision.

Do you find remorse and sadness over the usefulness of time because your time is over? Is it worth leaving this world crying? Does survival have meaning when loved ones leave, the poor get poorer, injustice grows, thieves become owners, the swindlers and occupiers become leaders, and the guests become the original inhabitants and the bullies bullied and robbed the rights of people five years ago and after fourteen years? Dirty thieves will never escape the ugly bastards of accountability, punishment and their fate of extinction.

How many risks did you break?

A walk in the park. I read people’s stories to forget my story. I can’t know what happened to me. That will sadden my heart. I think life will be horrible and full of bad surprises.

What doors were closed to your face? The picture brought memories, that is, when I boarded the passenger ship, « Get lost. » »IBTT is traveling for the first time to Western Europe. I became obsessed with European life.

« When I was climbing the ship’s path my right hand was holding my bag and the left holding the rails and now I wonder why I did not see in my dreams terrifying dreams because I felt that I could fall into the dark blue waters and maybe I could drown. It seems to me that the concerns raised by my lifestyle are floating to the surface in A dream where I feel repeatedly that I can’t find my way home like a dead end.

A disrespectful citizen. Overcoming monetary problems. The school was more than three miles away. It was difficult to admit that the country house was approaching from a distance. He never thought about his decision. It took a long time for the passengers to board the ship that left the port, and Lam’s suspicions dissipated and he felt that he was now far from his family. He never thought that he was about to start a new life.

I thought some events would never come back to my mind, events that I had hoped would remain forgotten. As the British novelist ALAN SILLITOE says

On the morning of December, the grass was covered with frost and felt that there was no skyline at all. I had no idea where the travel could go. It was as if a curtain of fog hidden the horizon. It made me wish that this continent had not existed before and that someone had told me that it was no longer open and that it was better for me to return to my homeland and avoid my mother’s deep and deep sorrow.

I couldn’t go far because I had so much imagination and less knowledge.

I did not keep my promises

How did you become in such a situation?

It seems to you that you were throwing yourself in the air without knowing where to land. The worst thing is when you feel unable to find your way home. This happens to me in a dream.

And now we do not belong anywhere. Who gave us some hope? But we still hope for release.

I was feeling hopeful that I would achieve many goals and become wealthy and help my family improve her living condition However, I was, in fact, so selfish that I was not upset with her desperate tears. Umm Hanoun sad eyes cling to miserable hope. Mothers always have the greatest share of dedication and the smallest of happiness.

Sadness appeared on her beautiful face, after the looming separation. What is hard to bear is that you cannot postpone the separation until one day. What are the reasons that prevent freedom of choice? Teach us patience, even if there is a lot of damage to us.

Seconds later, the sky became darker and the storm erupted. The water was pouring heavily from the sky and we were in a shelter. My uncle told me with a smile, that raindrops are the tears of angels.

“I and no one but me; Whatever people think I am or say I am, this is what I am not, because they know nothing about me. ” s. 143.

Imagination saved me from reality though the prospects are not always bright

I always told myself that teaching was the job I wanted most of all.

I fluttered my eyes to banish those thoughts that were trying to cloud my mind. I thought I knew exactly where to go. Leaving is always hasty and heartbreaking.

« I don’t know where I’m going in life. You never know how things will go, no matter how you plan. » Page 244, Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess.

I don’t know where to go in life. You never know how it goes, whatever you plan. I will never forget the moment when it was raining on that sunny day.

We used to say that this symbolizes the wolf’s wedding

I now tend to look at the past and the future with despair. I give up my past life except for a few episodes of this long series.

My life does not look like it was before: I still dream about daydreams. I think my careless life is over.

I wish I had never said « when I was young » not because I cried my youth but rather because I failed to devote most of my life to my parents and my family. Do you feel the need to know what it went through? Bitter mother experience

Take a look at your childhood in the early morning before the late sunset, and you will feel that you were happy and your mind was free of worries. Overheating.

The green car was about to leave and I don’t remember the topic of the conversation going on there, I was baffled and worried about how long I would have been alone.

By the time I went back to the place where I was going to leave again, the sun was still shining and I felt that the rain had fallen hours before. Moments I loved when I was free. Rain after the heat.

This is not a memory to focus on. On my way home, the safe place, far from it, feels a terrible depression. I was misled, but when and why?

Who attracts people to each other? Where is my safe haven? It is my childhood home

Something that reminds you that you were a happy, cheerful and loved child like your brother.

We were rushing early in the cold and morning to go to school after dawn

Translate section page 245, third paragraph.

When he feels p. With the grip of loneliness, he feels that he is a victim of neglect of his family and attributes it to indifference. I reached this conclusion based on my feelings. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion.

I have no place to go except for books where I have always found shelter. It is not an empty place or nothing happens. On the contrary, it is full of people who live their lives. It consists of various worlds: sensory, mental, inferior, etc.

I am just waiting for the moment when we will meet with all the family. In such moments, when the sun was setting, I was carrying my belongings after leaving everything and every member of my beloved family.

Then, it was hopeless, I couldn’t go ahead or back down.

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