Données relatives à 2014

Quelques chiffres clés* sur les accidents d’adolescents :

Nombre de tués entre 15 et 17 ans:116

* données 2014 pour la France métropolitaine, DSCR/ fichiers BAAC

Plus de la moitié des décès de jeunes (57%) dans un accident de la route se produisent la nuit.

Nombre de tués de 18 à 24 ans:582

Source :

بين السماء والارض

Entre ciel et terre

Des milliers de kilomètres séparent ces deux paysages. Les climats des deux pays qu’ils représentent sont différents. En effet, dans l’un il est typiquement méditerranéen même s’il existe des nuances. Dans l’autre, le climat est plutôt océanique. C’est ce que la géographie nous a enseigné. Cependant ces caractéristiques changent et paraissent de moins en moins pertinentes. Le changement climatique y est-il pour quelque chose?

Ordinary People

He now works full time for a council housing company. He left school early. He didn’t get on well with his family. Before, he had worked hard a par-time and managed to save up more than 15,000 euros. His sister, who owned a real estate agency, advised him to buy and run a hotel. Unfortunately, something went wrong and he failed. He then sold off his business at a loss and started looking for a job.
He has a sens of humor and he makes me laugh a great deal. He hates violence and sometimes tells me there are some residents who abuse him. However, he never let himself be pushed around.
When his little blue eyes start shining, I know he’s about to make a joke.
He’s a good-looking blond-haired man and he’s a bit stocky. He has a lot of strength which he needs to do the dayly housework. Cleaning with a hose pipe, vacuuming, taking out garbage. Sometimes, some old ladies and handicapped persons ask J. to do the shopping as well as other chores for them.
J. is an easygoing guy, very helpful and fully aware of what’s going wrong in the world. ´There’s always something to worry about.´ However, he told me, there is still much hope for changes if people focus on solidarity.
J. is seldom wrong when it comes to finding remedies. ´Selfishness may bring about social unrest and cause society to collapse’ J. declared.

التين الشوكي

ثمار التين
الشوكي في قرية مغربية


بعض المعلومات

  • Opuntia ficus-india : الاسم العلمي
  • Mexique : الموطن الاصلي
    • Diffusion : انتشر في القرن السادس عشر الى العالم
    • Lieux où la plante pousse : ينمو في الاماكن الجافة
  • Noms locaux du fruit en Afrique du Nord
    • Maroc : الهندي، كرموس النصارة
    • Tunisie, Libye : الهندي
    • Syrie, Irak : الصبار